• Zepp Golf Swing Analyser for Apple and Android
  • Zepp Golf Swing Analyser for Apple and Android
  • Zepp Golf Swing Analyser for Apple and Android

Zepp Golf Swing Analyser for Apple and Android

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Zepp Golf is a light weight motion sensor which tracks and anlyses every shot allowing you to understand your golf swing via statistics and 3D swing replays.

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See you swing a whole new light!

Zepp Golf is an one of a kind light weight motion sensor and application which is attached to your golf glove and gives moment input through Bluetooth to your Apple or Android gadget, permitting you to view your swing in 3D from every angle.  The Zepp application provides you with the chance to genuinely comprehend your swing with the ability to replay/analyse your swing in 360 degrees from each angle,view the path of your hands with each shot and in addition zoom into particular regions of the swing.


Zepp for faster advance 

Compare your backswing with the state of your downswing, overlay and compare swings to qeniully see how your swing has improved. This is the ideal device for golfers of all capacities with instant feedback - allowing you to measure the most basic parts of every single swing.

The Zepp sensor tracks and analyses the most paramount measurements through out the swing, for example: 

  • Club head speed
  • Club plane
  • Hand path
  • Tempo
  • Backswing position
  • Hip rotation and more. 

    Play your best 

    Zepp gives you the tools for faster progression in golf by enabling you to see your swing like never before, uncovering what you're doing great and what you have to work on by means of statistics and 3D swing replay.

    Zepp Golf captures more than 1000 data points every second, presenting you with an accurate 3D swing and data allowing for realistic goal setting and progress tracking.

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