• Polar FT4 (Pink)
  • Polar FT4 (Pink)
  • Polar FT4 (Pink)
  • Polar FT4 (Pink)

Polar FT4 (Pink)


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The Polar FT4 is a great entry into health and fitness. It helps you to make the most of your workout, run, swim or ride.

Product details

The FT4 overview

  1. Shows when you’re improving fitness based on your heart rate
  2. Displays calories burned
  3. Suitable for swimming

Body Measurement Features

Manual target zone – bpm / % - This feature enables you to define the target zone as you want and is suitable for your training. You can set the target zone for your training as beats per minute (bpm), as a percentage of your maximum heart rate, or as a percentage of your heart rate reserve (HRR%).

HRmax (user set)

Polar OwnCode - coded transsmission - Coded heart rate transmission automatically locks in a code to transmit your heart rate to the training computer. The training computer picks up your heart rate from your transmitter only. Coding prevents interference from other training computers.

Polar OwnCal® – calorie expenditure with fat percentage - Polar OwnCal calculates the number of kilocalories expended during training. This feature allows you to follow the kilocalories expended during one training session and cumulative kilocalories expended during several training sessions.

HR-based target zones with visual and audible alarm - You can define your target zones for a training session based on heart rate to help you workout with the right intensity. When you are out of the preset zones, the training computer will give a visual and audible alarm.

Automatic age-based target zone – bpm / % - To help you train safely and effectively, the training computer determines your heart rate target zone limits automatically according to your age-based maximum heart rate (220 minus age). The limits are determined either in beats per minute (bpm), as a percentage (%) of your maximum heart rate, or as a heart rate reserve (% HRR).

Heart rate – bpm / % - Heart rate is the measurement of the work your heart does. Heart rate can be expressed as the number of beats per minute or as percentage of your maximum heart rate. Heart rate can also be expressed as a percentage of your heart rate reserve, meaning the difference between your resting heart rate and maximum heart rate (HRR = HRmax - HRrest). In Polar software or during strength training, heart rate can be displayed as a graphical trend.


Training Features

HeartTouch - When HeartTouch is on, you can access your training without pressing buttons.

Graphical target zone indicator - This feature points out graphically on the display the zone you are in during a training session helping you to stay on the desired intensity zone.

ZoneLock - ZoneLock feature helps you to accumulate certain intensity. You can either lock a zone before a training session or during it by pressing a button when you are on the desired zone.


Recording Features

Totals - Totals includes your training data starting from the last reset enabling you to follow your long-term training.

Training files (with summaries) – 100

Watch Features

  1. Backlight
  2. Date and weekday indicator
  3. Display text in English, German, French, Spanish, Finnish, Portugese, Swedish and Italian
  4. Time of day 12/24 hour with alarm and snooze
  5. Dual time zone
  6. Button lock
  7. Low battery indicator
  8. User replaceable battery
  9. Water resistant to 30 metres


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