• Fitbug Orb (Black)
  • Fitbug Orb (Black)
  • Fitbug Orb (Black)
  • Fitbug Orb (Black)

Fitbug Orb (Black)

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Fitbug Orb (Black) Fitbug Orb (Black) Fitbug Orb (Black)

There are so many movement and lifestyle trackers on the market right now, but this one is tough to beat.

Product details

Whether you want  to lose weight, eat more healthily or sleep more, the Fitbug Orb makes it easy for you to track and meet your goals.


Digitial Coach - You’ll receive weekly motivation that will help you achieve your health and wellbeing goals.  

Wireless Syncing - Sends activity data wirelessly to compatible smartphones, tablets, and computers  

24x7 Tracking - Tracks your steps, sleep, and calories burned - morning, day and night  

Sleep Monitor - Measures how well and how long you sleep each night

Wear it Your way - On your wrist, as a belt, or simply in your pocket, wear the Orb any way you want! Be as discreet or as bold as you’d like with our range of accessories  

Get You Moving - Personalized lifestyle programs, challenges, incentives and social media to keep you going  

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