• 3 Bays GSA Putt for Apple Devices
  • 3 Bays GSA Putt for Apple Devices

3 Bays GSA Putt for Apple Devices


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3 Bays GSA Putt for Apple Devices 3 Bays GSA Putt for Apple Devices 3 Bays GSA Putt for Apple Devices 3 Bays GSA Putt for Apple Devices

The GSA Putt is a revolutionary golf swing analyzer. This golf swing aid will analyse your putting with golf swing analysis software to improve your putt.

Product details


Revolutionize your putting!
Putting is a completely different motion to other golf swings and so demands a different kind of golf analysis.  Precision, consistency and accuracy is key, which is why the GSA Putt golf swing analyser incorporates sophisticated 9-axis sensors to provide you with detailed analysis of your putting so you can identify exactly where and how to improve your putting technique. This game-changing golf putting analysis device gives you instant putting analysis on your mobile device via Bluetooth® connection.  Animated playback enables you to see in detail the movement of your putter throughout the stroke, helping you to develop consistent, repeatable and reliable putting

Putting analysis made simple…
The GSA Putt weighs only 9.8g and fits neatly and discreetly into the top of you putter grip - you probably won’t even feel it, and there is no obstruction to your putting whatsoever! Setup is simple - just plug it in, align, turn on the GSA Putt app, and you are ready to improve your putting.  The GSA Putt captures and digitises even the subtlest of movements and sends this information instantly to your phone or tablet via Bluetooth. 

See your putting in a whole new light
You can view the animation playback of your stroke path on the GSA Putt app, in both side view and top view simultaneously.  You will see exactly how your putter moves and how the face rotates throughout the entire stroke.  You can even zoom-in for a detailed review.

  • Face angle at impact
  • Face angle along the path
  • Attack angle at impact
  • Attack angle along the path
  • Tempo
  • Backswing time
  • Downswing time
  • Impact speed
  • Swing path distance

Your very own virtual coach
The GSA Putt app will store every stroke you have ever made with the analyser, meaning you can chart your progress and monitor your consistency over time.  You can save the putts you were happiest with to create a benchmark against which the analyser will provide statistics to show you how close you are to repeating that stroke.  You can also compare your putting swing to the Pros!  Several PGA/LPGA references with different putting distances are preloaded on the app - it’s like have a professional coach with you anywhere, anytime! You can post your best strokes on Facebook and Twitter, and email them to your coach, friends and family for feedback, or just so they can share your pride with your improved putting. 

Even helps choose what golf putter best fits your stroke style!
With so many different putters on the market, the detailed metric data provided by the GSA Putt 3bays Putting Analyser can be invaluable in helping you to identify what type is best for you. 

Technical Specifications
(W x H):  29.3 x 18 mm (excluding pin) 29.3 x 43 mm (including pin) 
Weight:  9.8g 
Play time:  Up to 5 hours 
Bluetooth:  ver 2.1 + EDR 
USB port:  micro USB (for charging purpose)

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