EyeLine Setup for Edge Putting System with Rail and Mirror - Speed

Take it to the Course - Speed Control

Before your round you want to fine tune your speed control. This drill will bring maximum feedback to your eyes and stroke. Create a ladder with a ball set at 3 foot increments. Hit a putt while watching the cup. Pay attention to how close you roll the ball to your target. Your eyes will help adjust your pace.

4 Putting Elements Speed - Game Test Your Speed

Consistent stroke length combined with consistent stroke pace creates consistent distance. This game tests your pace. Make the same stroke lengths, and try to roll the ball the same distance. The result is distance control you can count on... for fewer 3 putts and more tap-ins.

 4 Putting Elements Speed - Speed Ladder Drill

Create a speed “ladder” with tees placed at 3′ increments. Roll a ball between the tees, then the next one between the next set of tees until you are at the top of the ladder. Repeat in reverse. You hands and eyes will get sharper with every trip up and down the ladder.


 4 Putting Elements Speed - Pendulum Putting Rod

When the “triangle” stays consistent during the transition from backswing to forward swing, you can count on a solid strike. The Pendulum Putting Rod assures a smooth transition – and a solid putt.

 4 Putting Elements Speed - Edge Putting Rail

The length of my stroke and the pace of the stroke determine how far the ball rolls. This drill with the Edge Putting Rail focuses on the length of the stroke back and through. Bring the putter back to a mark and through to the same length. You will see the stroke, hear the stroke, and match it to how the stroke length feels. Result? Great distance control.

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