EyeLine Setup for Edge Putting System with Rail and Mirror - Setup

4 Putting Elements - Setup

Get comfortable with your setup by hitting putts to a “Big Target”. Focus your attention to your fundamentals and make a relaxed stroke knowing you are easily rolling it on target. 


4 Putting Elements SETUP - Edge Putting Rail

Often I think I’m lined up correctly, and I am actually aimed off target. I have to train my eyes to know what True alignment looks like. Use the rail to confirm your alignment and train your eyes to see “straight”. 


4 Putting Elements SETUP - Impact Ball Liner


I need to train my eyes to see when the putter face is square to the target line.  The back line created by the Ball Liner is exactly square to the target. Line up the center line to the target and set your putter exactly on the back line.  Put the “flat” putter face on the “flat” line on the ball. Three footers are like tap ins.

4 Putting Elements SETUP - Pendulum Putting Rod



The radius of my stroke is the distance from the putter face to my pivot point– my spine. If that distance changes day to day, then my stroke will be longer or shorter, slower or quicker to adjust. It will not be consistent. Use the Pendulum Putting Rod to be in exactly the same posture every day. You will build amazing consistency.

4 Putting Elements SETUP - Edge Putting Mirror

“The mirror don’t lie”… a quote from a Tour player. He uses the mirror to check his setup consistency. Align the mirror to the cup then check your eyes, shoulders and putter face. You will quickly feel comfortable with proper alignment… and making putts.

4 Putting Elements SETUP - Introduction to SETUP

Setup: Everything before you make a stroke

Setup includes the critical elements of the alignment of eyes, shoulders, and putter face. It requires us to retrain our eyes to see our aim accurately. Our posture needs to be in balance and consistent each day.


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