EyeLine Setup for Edge Putting System with Rail and Mirror - Path

4 Putting Elements PATH - Game 4 Corners

Set up tees in a 4 corner box around the cup. Add another between the corners. Set the length to match your skill. This game will test your path and speed. Hit one putt at each point, and go around the box 4 times – a total of 32 putts. Keep track of your personal best and set a new record!



4 Putting Elements PATH - Pendulum Putting Rod

When the triangle formed by the shoulders, arms and hands stays consistent throughout the stroke, the putter will move on the target path. Using the Putting Pendulum Rod let’s you know if the triangle has changed.


4 Putting Elements PATH - Edge Putting Mirror

When I swing the putter on path I hit the ball in the sweet spot of the putter. Setting up a putter gate assures that the center of the putter is on the ball at impact.


4 Putting Elements PATH - Ball Of Steel

The putter follows the target path back and through impact. If we jab at the ball with the putter or try to “chase” the putter too far down the line, the path will be disrupted. Hit putts with the heavy Ball of Steel. It will instantly create a stroke with momentum though impact, but not beyond. Your path will be adjusted simply.


4 Putting Elements PATH - Edge Putting Rail

Using the Edge Putting Rail is the ideal way to build muscle memory for a perfect putter path. Make strokes with the heel of the putter riding the rail. Close your eyes and listen to the sound of your stroke. Hit putts with the putter moving down the path of the rail. Build your confidence by making putts… a lot of putts.

4 Putting Elements - Introduction to PATH

Path of the putter, connected stroke
25% of the where your putt rolls is determined by the path the putter travels during the stroke. Train yourself to swing the putter on the target line with good momentum throughout the stroke.

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