EyeLine Setup for Edge Putting System with Rail and Mirror - Impact

4 Putting Elements IMPACT - Game Balls of Steel Challenge

This game will show you how much you’ve improved your impact position. Hit an 18″ putt with the Ball of Steel, then step back to the 8′ putt with a standard ball. Make the same stroke and watch the pressure 8 footers fall.

4 Putting Elements IMPACT - Ball of Steel

Hitting a putt on the toe or heel of the putter will cause the putter to twist a little in my hand. If I am hitting the heavy Ball of Steel the twisting is exaggerated and easy to feel. This is a simple drill of hitting putts and feeling the putter stay solid through impact – the sign of a square face and sweet-spot impact position.


4 Putting Elements IMPACT - Pendulum Putting Rod

The sweet spot of the putter is between the toe and heel, and also between the top and bottom of the face. This drill with the Pendulum Rod will assure that you are making a stroke that consistently delivers the putter to the equator of the ball. It will roll soooooo smooth.

4 Putting Elements IMPACT - Sweet Spot 360

Sweet spot?  The middle of the putter on the middle of the ball.  Using the Sweet Spot 360 will let you know if you hit the perfect putt.  If you miss the sweet spot you will not hear the click of the ball on the putter face.  A sweet-spot putt will roll end-over-end and dive!

4 Putting Elements IMPACT - Impact Ball Liner

At impact, the putter face must be square to the intended line. This drill uses a putter gate to insure a sweet-spot hit. The back line of the ball liner adds the visual of hitting the putt with a square face. Sweet spot, square face… lots of made putts!

4 Putting Elements IMPACT - Introduction To IMPACT 

Alignment of putter face at impact
75% of where the ball rolls is determined by the aim of the putter face when it impacts the ball. It is vital to hit the center of the ball with the sweet spot of the putter. It is also vital that the putter face is square to the target line at impact. If it is, the ball rolls end-over-end and wants to dive into the cup.


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