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SportsGadgets.co.uk are all about the latest Bluetooth 4.0 gadgets,  which help you improve, monitor and track your health and fitness.

Bluetooth 4.0 is the latest low energy technology which, when combined with smart devices, enables you to immediately see results by uploading all data instantly. By using the suggested apps, monitoring your heart rate while going for a run or counting your calories and steps during the day has never been easier or more reliable. It is fast, affordable and so easy to use. You can even compare and compete with friends all over the world. Awesome products for the whole family.

For us, it’s not just about selling stuff.  That would be easy.  We actually care about all this…

All of the products available on the Sports Gadgets website are specifically chosen because we love them, we use them and we’ve achieved fantastic results with them ourselves.

We also provide motivating, interesting (hopefully!) and inspiring stories, reviews and health tips on our blog page to keep you entertained and informed.

We road test as many products as possible.  Sure, it's hard work but products like ours need to face real life situations (ideally with the sun beating down) and somebody has to do it!  We’re continually testing and sourcing more products to join the Sports Gadgets family, so keep in touch via our blog, Facebook page or Twitter feed.

We are authentic, firmly rooted in sports, cutting edge, exclusive and first to market with our products and services. We work smart, we are friendly, available, customer focused, and excited about what we do.

We always appreciate feedback, comments and ideas so please feel free to get in touch.

Thanks for reading,

The Team


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