Insane Terrain Running... Get ready to feel the pain....

Posted: Nov 13 2014

Insane Terrain Running....

Have you ever wondered what it would be like participate in the latest trend of obstacle course running….well wonder no more!

It’s a lovely sunny Sunday in deepest Cambridgeshire and we’re at a moto cross field with several hundred other people for Insane Terrain. People are milling about amongst the protein shake stalls and the smell of the waffle stand. There’s a sense of excitement and nervousness….we’ve seen the mud pit at the end.

Then suddenly it starts. The first wave of people is called over to the warm up area expertly run by Motiv8. Then begins the ‘warm up’ – burpees, high knees and anything else they can think of to knacker you out...

And then its time….the first wave are at the start line and they’re off. These are the hardcore bunch, the seriously fit people. Due to the way the course is set out, we can see the last half a mile of course as it winds around the moto cross jumps but instead of bikes, it’s a mass of mud covered runners. We watch them manoeuvre themselves over the muddied hay bales, sprint the last few hundred metres to the mud trail and then the finale of the soap slide.

Then it’s our turn. We’ve done our warm up and we’re now at the start line….we’re off. It’s a 5km course, which you can do twice (obviously that’s what we’re going to do.

What follows is a mix of fun, excitement and down-right dirtiness.

The running was pretty picturesque through woods and fields. Although the prettiness was interrupted by mud filled pits which were smelly and pretty damn cold.

We hadn’t run that far when we’re faced with our first obstacle, a lovely hill run with a water pit at the end – suddenly we realise that the 10km run is going to be slightly harder with mud sodden trainers.

Then it was the hay stack mountain. This was seriously high, and you needed a run up just to get onto the first level. But what was nice is that people were helping each other, complete strangers.

From this we went through mud turrets, pitch black tunnels, mud crawls and waist high water ponds.

Special note needs to be given to the mud wall. On the first round, this consisted of a ‘walk’ through a murky water pit and then a climb up a mud bank with the help of a rope. This was tough enough but on the second round this obstacle had the added benefit of a water fall as you waited to climb. Not only was it freezing cold, you can imagine what it did to the mud wall.

We were nearing the end and it’s the water run…a large inflatable mat sitting on top of the water pit. On round 2, people were competing on who had the best jump into the water...and there were some spectacular efforts!

We round the corner and the end is in sight…we have a lovely walk through a mud pit and then it’s time for clean up…jumping onto a water slide covered in bubbles.

We’d done it – we were wet, covered in mud, some of the team had ripped clothing. But it was all worth it just to get the medal and t shirt.

Would have been great to wear the tech to see how many calories we’d burnt and how high the heart rate went, but we didn’t think they’d have survived the water and mud so we left them behind.

The atmosphere was amazing with everyone concentrating on having fun and finishing rather than finishing first.

Til next time Team Sports Gadgets – Michelle Keaney, Lauren Thomas and Tony Silgrist....




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