Use Gadgets to Motivate Your Workout

Posted: May 14 2014

Use Gadgets to Motivate Your Workout


We’ve all faced it at one point or the other. We join a gym or start a new fitness programme and 2 months later we are splayed out on the sofa eating crisps while watching TV. What happened? We were so motivated and revved up and suddenly all our motivation has gone.

Working out and getting fit is not easy. It takes dedication, willpower, and a strong desire to change. Even though we all could do with improving our health and fitness levels it is not easy when faced with obstacles and challenges at every turn.

Here are a few reasons why we all lose the motivation to exercise and get fit:

  • We workout for others
  • It becomes a chore
  • We don’t see results fast enough
  • We do it to look good and not to feel good
  • We do things we think we should do instead of doing things we like to do
  • We don’t set achievable goals
  • We have no way to track progress
  • We are unable to see a visual measure of performance
  • We work out alone and get bored

There is something that can be done to help keep motivation levels high during your workout. If you turn all the things in the list above into their opposites, you will be half way to sticking with your fitness programme. For instance; work out for yourself, do the things you enjoy doing and set short term goals that you know can be achieved.

Another thing to do is to use wearable fitness technology to help keep you motivated. Gadgets such as fitness tracking wrist bands are a great way to keep your workout interesting. The first thing is that these gadgets allow you to track your workout, be it running, cycling or even your walk to work. That means you can measure your performance and track how you are doing one week to the next.

The other thing these gadgets allow you to do is set your own goals doing the activity you like to do. This will help ensure you stick with what you are doing and start to see results.

A lot of people feel they are not doing enough and give up, but using a wrist band that tracks all your activity will help to show even the smallest level of activity and keep you motivated that you are actually doing something and it is working. Also they allow you to share your progress on social media and see what your friends are doing, this way the whole experience of exercising becomes social and a bit more fun than doing it on your own.

It is all about sticking to a fitness programme or a workout regime, that is the only way to see results and become healthy. There are a lot of small things we can do to ensure we don’t fall in the trap of joining a gym, never going and then paying the monthly fee out of shame. Swim, run, cycle, walk, dance, climb or hit a ball around. Just make sure you have a way to track what you are doing and keep it interesting and fresh.

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