Get Fit and Healthy

Posted: Apr 10 2014

Get Fit and Healthy

With most of us working long hours staring at a computer screen all day, it can be difficult to find the time or motivation to eat the right sort of food and get enough exercise. Thankfully there are certain things that we can do to eat right and get more active.

If you want to lose weight for the summer, to ward off the chances of getting heart disease in later life or simply become a bit fitter, there are small changes that you can do in your life that can make a big difference. Here are 5 top tips that can help you become the healthy, fit person you were meant to be.

Top 5 Tips:

  1. Do not starve yourself

Starving yourself will not make you thin and it definitely will not be healthy. As your body needs energy to function, starving yourself will make your body start to conserve energy and you will start to binge eat from severe hunger. The body then converts this into excess fat and this can actually make you put on weight.


  1. Eat the right sort of food

The way to actually be healthy and lose weight is to eat the right sort of food combined with becoming more active. There are good foods and bad foods out there and it can be hard to tell what is actually good for you. Some things to avoid are white breads, pastries, fizzy drinks, sugar, sweets, processed foods, fatty red meat, full fat dairy products and oil. Instead try replacing these with whole wheat bread, grains, pulses, beans, vegetables, fruit, fish, lean meat and nuts.


  1. Decrease portion size

Most of us are guilty of this; we come home tired after a hard day at the office and all we want to do is make a quick meal that is a much bigger portion that we can handle and plop in front of the TV until bedtime. A simple trick to reducing portion size is to eat out of a smaller plate. Instead of filling a large plate full of food, fill a smaller plate and this way your portion size will shrink. 


  1. Get active

The best way to lose weight is to decrease the amount of food consumed combined with a more active lifestyle. With unsocial working hours and long commuting times, increasing the amount of activity in our daily routine can be difficult to do for a lot of us. Try taking the stairs instead of using the lift, take a proper lunch break and explore the area around your office and use your weekends to go on bike rides or runs when you can. Try changing a few things in your life and include some sort of physical activity into your daily routine.


  1. Make your workout fun

Use your smartphone to make your daily physical activities fun. Use fitness apps to measure your distance travelled, calories consumed and type of activity done. Apps such as Runkeeper will track every aspect of your workout and innovative apps such as Nexercise turn your workout into a game that makes doing exercise a fun experience. Some apps even let you input the food you consume on a daily basis and give you an accurate measure of calories consumed. Some gadgets such as the Fitbit Flex track your steps taken, distance travelled, calories burned and even hours and quality of sleep.


With less time to exercise and dwindling motivation, try our handy tips to get fit and healthy. Making small changes in your life can yield big benefits for your body.

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