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  • SwingSmart Duo Golf Swing Analyser For Apple and Android
  • SwingSmart Duo Golf Swing Analyser For Apple and Android
  • SwingSmart Duo Golf Swing Analyser For Apple and Android

SwingSmart Duo Golf Swing Analyser For Apple and Android


The Swingsmart due golf swing analyser for apple and Android devices is amongst the top golf swing aids in the world.Accurately review your swing on your smartphone.

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SwingSmart Duo Golf Swing Analyser For Apple and Android

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Discover the Secret to Improving Your Golf Swing!

Invented by Golfers for Golfers, we love this golf swing analysis gadget.It’s simple to use, and utilises the latest technology to make detailed golf swing analysis simple.Ideal for both beginners and the experienced golfer, it’s a great tool for improving your game.

Easy to use…

The SwingSmart Golf Analyser discreetly clips to the underside of the shaft of your golf club (it works with every club in your bag,including your putter). All you need to do is fire up the free 

SwingSmart app for golf on your iPad/iPhone or android device, tell the app what club you’re using and take a swing!  The Bluetooth®-enabled sensor module will then instantly and wirelessly transmit key information about your golf swing to your iPad or iPhone.

Detailed Golf Swing Statistics
You then get instant, easy-to-understand feedback to your iPad/iPhone/android device on each swing, and see exactly what your club was doing during motion.The SwingSmart Golf Analyser measures four key statistics; tempo, swing speed,angle of attack and face angle.This gives you all information you need to analyse and improve your golf swing.

3D Swing View

A great feature of the SwingSmart Golf Analyser is the unique 3D Swing View, which shows the path of your golf swing from any angle on your iPad/iPhone/android device.  You can also save your "best" swing and use this as a benchmark to compare yourself with and improve your consistency. 

While there’s no need to interrupt your practice session or game, you can review every shot as you go if you wish, perhaps to see what caused that poor stroke so you can correct it.  It’s great to review your round of golf at your leisure (perhaps at the 19th hole!)  You can also e-mail your golf swing to your instructor for additional feedback, or directly to your computer.

A great teaching aid

The SwingSmart Golf Analyser is increasingly popular with golf instructors as a tool to measure and analyse a client’s golf swing, and then show in detail what they are doing right, and what they need to work on. 

Need some advice?

James Martin, a PGA qualified golf professional, is on-hand to give you pre-purchase and technical advice.  Call James now on 01353 699919 or email us at




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